Our mission is quite simple: We Exist To Help 


About LVAD And You

Welcome!  We are happy to see you here and hope that you will take advantage of the resources, tips, videos & a variety of other useful information we have put together on this site. 

We want to promote a positive environment that helps each and every individual with a VAD or Bi-VAD live an easier and better way of life.

Our members are what drives this site. We look for interaction among the VAD community to support one another through this life style journey. We also support caregivers and their needs as well.

Please consult you VAD Team in the event of an emergency. Remember that this site is for support only and is in no way your first line of defense in a crisis situation. LVAD And You reminds you that your VAD Team is your most important care provider(s) with the ability to answer your questions, concerns, and to help you acclimate yourself to your VAD. Listen to your VAD Team and never take matters into your own hands - always get clearance from your VAD Team!

About Our Founder: Rickey

"My VAD Team has been the catalyst for me to build this website. They have encouraged me and been there to support me in every way possible. I owe my VAD Team a huge debt of gratitude!"

"I can only speak to an incredible and amazing VAD team I have at UNC Medical Center Chapel Hill, NC.  Every single VAD Team member has been there for me each step of the way, encouraging me to reach out to them with any questions or concerns and has provided my caregiver with the same invitation."